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Zoha Khalid

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Last Login : 06/09/22

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Riyadh Province

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  • Qualification:
    MBBS Doctor eight years of teaching experience provide study materials, work sheets and classes as required
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    Hello Everyone, As the new semester is kick starting soon and that too in the schools and also online the students need a review of what they had been studying and prepare for the new semester we are here to help you achieve that. We are offering classes to enhance your knowledge and help you understand better at the comfort of your home. During these unprecedented COVID time, schooling and parenting has been very challenging. Thats I do with teamwork and I am here to teach you at your home. I would also like to inform you I am double vaccinated teachers, who follows all the safety precautions and anything that is advised by you will be followed too. We offer classes for the following subjects English Science Maths Biology Chemistry and Physics. I am highly qualified female teachers, with 8-9years of experience with in Riyadh,Saudi Arabia. I can provide you with recommendation letters for the previous very respectful families whom we had been teaching. Our teaching does not only consist of being a book work but also fun activities and games. Our teachers had been tutoring to many respectable families including Al-Sauds, Al-Kanhals, Al-Tuwaijry, Al-Bashirs, Al-Bandar and the list goes on. Transportation should be provided by the family. Available at any times from Four pm to Eight Pm 4pm-8pm
  • Other Topic:
    Maths, Science,English, Chemistry, Social from Grade 4-8 and BIOLOGY to Grade 2 -12
  • Tutoring Options:
    One To One
  • Fees Expected (USD):
    180 per hour per hour
  • Tutoring Approach:
    I work with each student personally and pinpoint their strengths and work on their challenges. I use a strategic approach that provides results. I use engaging activities and a warm personal approach.

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  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Biology
  • Language

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