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Raza Kayani

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Last Login : 11/04/21

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Riyadh City

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  • Qualification:
    Master in Physics
  • Tutoring Experience:
    20 years teaching experience to IGCSE/GCSE/O Level/AS/A Level Physics students/SAT Physics Cambridge/Edexcel/AQA Board.
  • Other Topic:
    Use PowerPoint, Kahoot, Zoom, Team, etc., for teaching purposes
  • Tutoring Options:
    Online Tuition Only
  • Fees Expected (USD):
    Negotiable per hour
  • Tutoring Approach:
    I work with each student personally and pinpoint their strengths and work on their challenges. I use a strategic approach that provides results. I use engaging activities and a warm personal approach.

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  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • College / University / A-Level
    Physics, Math
  • Science

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