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  • Qualification:
    BA - History (2014) - Kingston University London MA - History (2016) - Kingston University London CELTA (2015)
  • Tutoring Experience:
    I have several years of classroom experience. I can teach English language and literature. I have taught young people and adults. I have taught conversational classes that focused on fluency and vocabulary. I have also taught creative classes and offered private classes. I can teach General and Academic English. I can also help with exam preparation e.g. IELTS and TESOL. I can adapt my lessons and resources to my students. I try to make my students become more self aware which can quicken their self development.
  • Other Topic:
    I teach ladies only.
  • Tutoring Options:
    One To One
  • Fees Expected (USD):
    40 - 200 sr per hour (depends on class) per hour
  • Tutoring Approach:
    I work with each student personally and pinpoint their strengths and work on their challenges. I use a strategic approach that provides results. I use engaging activities and a warm personal approach.

Subjects & Categories Details

  • English
  • Language

Online Tutoring Experience

  • Prior Online Tutoring Experience?:
  • Tuition Fees:
    90-150 SR/hour USD
  • Online Tutoring Experience:
    I followed a syllabus based on Cambridge English Unlimited Books - Level 3. I have been teaching online for 2 months.
  • Online Tools Details:
    Classes will be run on Zoom or Microsoft Teams. I will use share screen to interact with students.
  • Online Availability:
    Everyday between 1pm and 6pm

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  • Sunday
    1pm - 6pm
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    1pm - 6pm
  • Tuesday
    1pm - 6pm
  • Wednesday
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    1pm - 6pm
  • Friday
    1pm - 6pm
  • Saturday
    1pm - 6pm