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Aadil Suhail

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    Mechanical Engineer
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    The only double certified tutor in Saudi Arabia. From the age of 17, I had always taught my fellow classmates and later on I gained experience by teaching at coaching centers in many cities. I am always loved by all students due to the fact I make the learning in a smart way. Which is easier to understand. 15 happy batches with great results now is the chance for you to stand out and excel. Taken all the exams i offer to teach. An international school student and a topper of course. Not a nerd but actually have a deep knowledge of the subjects. Scored 700 out of 800 in SAT and till date no back logs or bad grades. Inspite of the grades I was the most active student in the college as well Schooling. Want your child to be great in every field join my tutoring and i guarantee a great outcome and had always scored higher by teaching others as it increased my own knowledge.
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    One To One
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    50 per hour
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    I work with each student personally and pinpoint their strengths and work on their challenges. I use a strategic approach that provides results. I use engaging activities and a warm personal approach.

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  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Test Preparation
  • English

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I had joined Mr. Aadil for GRE preparation and he was my 5th tutor. He stood out from the rest for his way of approach of the subject. He had taken a pre test and saw my weaknesses and worked on it in a perfect manner. I scored a 315 and a 160 in quantitative aptitude all with his help in math. He gives complete material and assist any time on whatsapp. I highly recommend his tutoring for aspirants of quantitative aptitude section.

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