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Aladdin Education is a 100% online tutoring service perfected to help you succeed in school and your most important tests such as SAT and ACT and get into the university of your dream! Aladdin Education offers a customized curriculum based on your needs. Simply schedule your free consultation with our learning coaches online and we will evaluate you through a series of tests (all free!) and customize our curriculum based on your strengths and weaknesses. Our tutors are all trained to monitor and report the progress of every student and make it available to students and their parents frequently. Aladdin Education is virtually always available! At nights, on weekends, during holiday breaks or during especially busy times like exam weeks.




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Course Offered

1- Standardized tests: - IGCSE - GCSE - IB - SAT - ACT - AP - CLEP 2- Mathematics & Statistics (all levels) - Algebra - Math - Calculus - Geometry - Statistics - Trigonometry 3- Science (all levels) - Biology - Chemistry -Organic Chemistry - Physics 4- Language - Business English - Young learners - Adults - Conversation - Phonics - IELTS - TOEFL

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Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Test Preparation

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1- Our tutors use a unique pedagogical method tailored to modern online education and one-on-one tutoring. We take a unique approach to incorporate individual student needs to help, encourage, and involve them in understanding the subject matter. 2- All tutors are also reviewed and trained on an ongoing basis for quality assurance and effective educational practices in following areas: - Effective teaching methods - Student management - Subject-specific advising

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Timming: We have classes both in the mornings and in the evenings. Conveniently contact us on WhatsApp and ask us about our classes!

Address: Riyadh

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